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Atlanta WeddingI can remember as a child going to my first weddings. For me at the time it was an opportunity to see cousins I hadn’t gotten to visit with for a long time. We enjoyed chasing each other around tables for hours, dodging various relatives, and eating an abundance of cake. The ceremonies quickly became the “boring” thing to us 5 year olds, and we realized how much fun the reception was. The experience has changed a little bit in my mind’s eye since then. Though the more common acknowledgement of a wedding is a symbolic union of souls, it is no secret that the guests typically look forward to the reception much as we did as young children.

If only we had had the existence of a photo booth back then, perhaps we would not have annoyed various guests trying to catch the garter; instead we would have made countless photos of ourselves straining to be tall enough and reach the camera’s lens. Each wedding ends up being unique. In addition to the bride and groom tales, weddings also hold timestamps for all who attend and a myriad of stories come together and create a new one. We all remember the big church wedding or the one where a choice relative had a little too much fun at the bar. Whatever the side stories, they combine to make something that will never be created again and will only exist in our memories.

The bad news is that this entire experience all evaporates in 8 hours and we are quickly grasping to recall or re-experience this day. After the day is gone it will live in our memories which will eventually fade, with the pillars of the event being the only things that are remembered. At Clear Choice we honor the opportunity to take part in a day that is more special for you than any other. We look forward to jogging memories of yours and others with pictures of every guest at your event.

Price Wedding in DuluthWith all packages we give you a copy of all the images at the end of the night so you can relive the evening immediately. With most packages, we also create a scrapbook that guest can sign next to their picture to say a special note. Often times this will be the guestbook for the event. Easily send your photos after the event to your guests so they can share on Facebook and Twitter their experience and aid in congratulating you in the online community.

There is no telling exactly how your event will turn out, but we think that’s why people enjoy them so much. We can assure that if we are part of it, we will make it better. At the very least we can be trusted to distract some few five year-olds for a few hours.

JC and Rachel Wedding - Country Club of the South, John's Creek

Amazing venue with so much fun guests. We weathered the rough rains outdoors and rocked the roof off the Country Club of the South. Rachel and JC had an all-in-one party. We appreciated the dedicated area for our booth.

Priscilla and Jacob Wedding - Photobooth in Duluth Georgia

We thank you everyone for letting us serve you once again. We had a significant slip up the first time we worked with this customer. As a result they let us prove ourselves on a second go around. Special thanks to Ellen and Frank who introduced us to such an awesome crowd.

Kristi and Steve

The celebration for Kristi and Steve on May 24th was a blast! We are so glad everyone enjoyed our booth and props. We added signs to our prop kit and they made their place known. What a great addition from a previous client.

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