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School DancesWe all remember those awkward moments as children. Your heart is practically beating out of your chest as you worked up the nerve to stop being a wallflower and go ask her to dance. Where would it lead? Well all of our stories are different on that, but you hoped for a 50% success rate and possibly some future bragging rights. Whether her name was Sarah, Cindy, or Betty Sue she was just as nervous that someone would come over to talk to her also, and then she wouldn’t know what to do afterwards.

As we look back on class rings, letterman jackets, and our first kisses and first cars, we are reminded of how odd that entire life was. Though we remember them through our mind’s eye, the pictures bring us back to the reality of who we were and where we came from. We’ve learned a lot since those days, and quite honestly we’re glad we aren’t still living in the days where acne had the last say on our appearance. Nonetheless, the memories were priceless and downright fun.

Whether you want to catch those braces or get that nose-bumping kiss on camera, we’ll be there. We have served as the photobooth for grade school dances, graduations, high school proms, and college formals. The sheer fun of reliving our youth makes it all worthwhile to us. And while we might not be the coolest or hippest anymore you might catch us moving our feet subtly to beats and lyrics we don’t understand.

We weren’t the most popular kids in school, but we knew how to have fun. Clear Choice Photobooth takes the edge off these awkward moments and makes things just a little more friendly for kids up to young adults. We look forward to making this happen for your school, sorority or fraternity.

ZTA Spring Formal Photobooth Event

Clear Choice was on the move this weekend. Our Atlanta crew traveled to Lexington, South Carolina to cover the ZTA sorority spring formal.

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