Atlanta's Premiere Photobooth

We truly treat your event as if it were our own. We want the best experience for you and for your guests. Let us prove ourselves with one event. You will be glad you did! Our Atlanta Photo Booth attendants are professional and courteous. We have three packages and ala carte add-ons that will make sure your event is custom. We design the photostrips, set up the booth, and print the photos immediately. All you need to do is get in and smile. Your guests will be happy you chose us.

Affordable Atlanta Photobooth Rental

Our pricing is geared towards you not breaking the bank to make your celebration a memorable one. Our Atlanta photo booth pricing can be seen here. Each of our packages gives you digital prints of your guests as they dance the night away. We usually recommend that you place the photobooth in a well lit and well trafficked area. This will ensure that passers by will take note and stop in for a few shots and a photostrip.

Superior Photo Quality

We cannot wait until your celebration. Our Atlanta Fulton county photo booths are durable and will stand the test of time. Most companies do not offer an 18 Megapixel camera! Your shots will be second to none. We are excited to announce that we now will be offering social media integration into our Atlanta photo booths. That's right! You will now be able to upload your images right to the popular social media platforms and tag your friends! This is a new addition to our arsenal and we think a worthwhile one.

Renting Your Custom Atlanta Photo Booth

Do you have a corporate event that requires a little more custom touch to it? Our booths are completely 'skinable'. That means you can send us custom graphics to be the sides of the booth itself! Click here to see our skinned booth in action at an event. Need even more custom? Why stop at the booth when we can also offer custom backdrop for your guests to get their picture taken in front of. We have the stands needed for your 10x8 step and repeat or smaller. This is a fantastic addition for those looking to add that special touch to your affair.

Whether you are ordering a wedding photobooth, corporate event booth, school dance photobooth or a birthday photobooth, our packages have a prop kit that we can bring. Additionally, our guestbook feature is something that your guests will love as we paste in a copy of their pictures and let them sign next to it.

Atlanta Photobooth First Timers

Is this your first time renting a photobooth? We have you covered. You simply fill out a little bit of information and we take care of the rest. Do you have an event planner? Perfect! We work often with planners often and we are usually on their preferred list of vendors. We know that your day will be filled with great memories and we will be there to capture them. Ready to get your quote? Click Here.

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