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Bat MiztvahWhether it is a Mitzvah, QuinceaƱera, or a Sweet 16 birthday, we have you covered. The youngster’s day will be filled with enjoyment and will be appreciative of an event specifically for them. As they come of age where they start to adorn adult characteristics, but still are bound by childhood experiences, this event will serve as the milestone when they spread their wings and leave the nest, formally becoming the young lady or gentleman you envisioned.

We know that this day is as much important to you as you say goodbye to the cute child who once depended on you for everything, and begin to look at them through new maturity-colored glasses of adulthood and accountability. They don’t seem to fit right at first, but as anything is adolescence, you will grow into it. They are growing up on you, and now you get to (gradually) take a back seat to their lives and hand over the reigns.

On this proud day you can look at them with some envy, but don’t be too jealous; after all they are of your finest achievements and they will continue to make you prouder. You will have your hands full with organization and emotion this day. If we get to opportunity to take part in your young adult’s day, we make it easy on you. high-schoolers love our booth and we will have enough props, ink, paper, and scrapbook to handle every camera snap.

Getting used to your child as an adult won’t all happen in one day, but you will some time to get used it (and they’ll get used to the new shoes they get to fill in). Soon enough, they’ll be heading off to college so buckle up, it’s not often you get to witness someone become smarter, strong, and more beautiful by the day. If you do it all correctly, maybe they’ll even call you “cool” one day.

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