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On October 7, 2014

Every so often we get the opportunity to be part of something trully inspirational and unique. Zipcar hired us as a sponsor and afforded us that opportunity. Zipcar brought the greatest techno world to Georgia: Tomorrow World! This 3 day music festival in Fairburn, GA was similar to a Fantasy, Woodstock, and Miami’s Winter Music Fest all rolled into one.

It was a total blast to participate in this 3-day event on a big farm owned normally occupied by horses. Visitors came from across the country to dance to their favorite beats until 2am every night. When it was all said and done we had made more than acquaintances with the Zipcar staff and some of the festival goers themselves.

The second flor location gave us a great view of the “Frame Stage” while snapping excellent shots of ravers in our booth. We also need to give a shout out to our staff Cedric and Lauren for this event. They came and worked 12 hour days for us at the event. While we are confident they also enjoyed some of the beats themselves, we know the hard work they put in to be there. We were able to see the digital frame stage as we were in the Z.I.P. No back drop for the booth shows the lake and day to night sky. We are even thinking of doing timelapse video. We spotted so many creative costumes who also enjoyed our booth along with the music. Imagine taking photos with your friends and dance to the music that you love! What a fun event to be in.

Special thanks to Catrina, Max, and River of Matte Finish and we hope you enjoy our service that you will let us be part of this memory again.

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