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Atlanta Corporate EventsWhile we know the Georgia Dome’s days are now numbered, we couldn’t resist the chance to show our booth in one of Atlanta’a biggest venues. It’s not everyday we get the opportunity to straddle the 50 yeard line of the Dirty Bird’s home turf and snap pictures of guests. We love corporate events. While typically this crowd is a little more refined in from of fellow co-workers, these people still know how to have fun.

We have done anything from office parties, company picnics, corporate retreats, and even summits. Our booth is a frequent stop throughout the event. Usually these events take place in the mid week. We can start as early as 7am if needed and work as late as 1am.

If you give us enough notice and an internet connection, we can bring some laptop speakers and play Pandora on our computer. Now keep in mind, we are far from an event DJ, but we can play a channel if there is a steady internet connection. We prefer to keep the music peppy and light if desired, but we should be able to make your music needs. Top 40 is usually the way to go in these efforts.

Atlanta Corporate EventsWe do corporate America just fine and our track record proves it. Once a few props are worn, people will transform, the ties are loosened, and office mates get a little chummy with each other. When the 5 o’clock hour approaches in the booth, we are honestly privileged to join in the light-hearted nature of an office get-together. Though we have tried our hand at rolling chair races and office hallway dizzybat like the best of them, we prefer to stay put near the booth. We might sneak a piece of that break room popcorn if there is enough to go around though! So fire up that new Keurig and get ready for some high octane shenanigans as we catch it all on camera!

Citizen Perimeter Grand Opening Party with Jezebel

Whew, the folks at Jezebel sure know how to throw a party! In just 3 hours we snapped what seemed to be a myriad of images. Adorning their Jezebel and Citizen's props, guests took to the booth in a magnetic fashion. I am not sure what was more fun, the props, or the different poses they figured out with them.

Cup Cake Mafia Buckhead Photobooth

Who is Cupcake Mafia you ask? Well we has to ask also. The juxtaposition not only piqued our interest when we saw it on the docket; we were floored when we got to experience the fun event in person. The apparel based company was nice enough to make us part of their event. We tried to be as cool as the others, snapping photos into the night. The Atlanta based company sells men's and women's clothes and accessories.

PWC Photobooth at the Georgia Dome

The fifty yard line of the Georgia Dome was the last place we thought our photobooth would be allowed. We were pleasantly surprised that we got that opportunity this past week.

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